Monday, February 28, 2011

Fluffy Mail EQUALS Giveaway on 3/02

Head's up Mommas! I received fluffy mail today!!! THIS MEANS REVIEW/GIVEAWAY! I am SUPER excited. This "fluffy" item is FABULOUS and so is the sponsor! It will be posted on Wednesday morning!

Stay tuned :)

Weekend Wrap Up

Here we are. It's Monday...finally! Weekend wrap up time!

Yesterday was Hubby's birthday. He not only wanted to celebrate his 27th Birthday yesterday, he wanted to celebrate it ALL weekend. And I babied him throughout the fun as well. Let's just start with Friday I guess!

Friday: I made burritos for dinner than hubby and his friend went bowling on base! DS and I stayed home and watched his ONE and only favorite movie, Cars.

Saturday: (The fun day!) Hubby wanted to go shopping and buy a new pair of running shoes. His were two years old! Yes, we know that you are suppose to get new running shoes like twice a year but that didn't happen. We were just going to go to the mall near us but instead while driving to the mall Hubby decided he wanted to go to Hershey (yes as in Hershey Chocolate). We didn't go to the chocolate factory but instead to Hershey's AMAZING outlet mall, which is literally across the street from the theme park. We were in heaven! It was such a gorgeous day out too. I think we went into just about every other store there. I took DS to the Disney store, which he's never been too, and he was in L-O-V-E! When DS first walked in he IMMEDIATELY saw "Cars". He yelled "Cars, Mama" and was so happy. He ran towards the whole wall that displayed anything and everything that had to do with Cars. He grabbed everything he could and carried it around with him. We didn't buy him anything but we now know where to shop for his soon to be SECOND birthday. Hubby bought new running shoes from Reebok. THEN the exciting part...I got to buy a couple things! I got two beautiful casual dresses from The Dress Barn. One a denim color and one yellow!
After shopping we came out to prepare the house for a BBQ with our friends and their family. The kiddos enjoyed playing WII (as well as some adults), the Marines talked 'Shop', and Marine Girlfriend and I just enjoyed each other's conversation!
Saturday night the boys (Men) went to see Hall Pass. You know, I never asked how that was. Hmm, anyways. Then they had an ALL nighter at the bars! They had a good time with, shots, shots, and more shots!

Sunday: Hubby was completely hung over (not a way to spend his real birthday, which he really regrets). We had a lazy day, had lunch in bed with DS and Hubby while watching...none other than...Cars! That movie will never get old in our house. Then pizza and wings for dinner!

BOY what a busy weekend! How was everyone's weekend?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Military Monday Blog Hop

It's nice to see you all have stopped by to say "Hi"! Welcome to Military Monday!

This is a fun blog hop not only for military spouses/families/members, but also civilians! Link up with Marine Parents and have some fun!

Don't forget about my handbag giveaway sponsored by Jane Wayne Gear. Click HERE to enter! This giveaway closes Monday, February 28th at 10pm (EST). Good luck!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my Hubby's 27th Birthday! I am so proud of my Marine. I love him and am so happy he's home for his birthday! He was in Japan last year so no 'family' celebration!

Happy Birthday my love! :)

Love you son!


Shout out to my son!

Dear son,

Mommy loves you so much. I am so blessed to be able to be your stay at home mommy right now. I love watching you learn, grow, and play all day every day. You always put a smile on my face and you crack me up ALL the time. Even though you speak mostly gibberish I know that you love: the movie Cars, hot wheels, coloring, and "i don't know".

You are my everything. You are my pea to my pod.

I LOVE you baby cakes, Bman, lover face, sweat pea (yes, I have that many names for him!).

You are getting to be such a big boy and not so much my baby. I will though ALWAYS call you my baby as you will ALWAYS be my baby boy to me. I cannot believe your 2nd birthday will be here just shy of a month. Time has flown by so fast.

For now, your mimi

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday :)

Here's my picks for today's Fashion Friday! Ever since I received this Ditty Bag from Jane Wayne Gear I literally use it everyday. I feel bad for my PPB's (Petunia Pickle Bottom) as I have to 'remember' to take them when I go out. The Large Ditty bag is so roomy it fits my cloth diapers and wipes, my wallet, hand cream, and all that other unnecessary junk we women tag around! Is there such a thing as a junk clutch? Hmm...that may actually sell! Who all has junk drawers in their kitchen? I know we do! A junk clutch that fits perfectly in our handbags would be AMAZING!
Other items that Jane Wayne Gear sells:
I HAVE to get one of those clutches! It would match FABULOUSLY with my Ditty Bag! This may work as a "junk" clutch....for my lipsticks, or contacts case, or...or...or...yeah Junk Clutch would be the perfect fit for me ;)
This is crazy cute too. Ruffles I see are becoming the "it" thing. I want to be cool too like all my other miliies!
Giveaway HERE

Letter to My Kitten

Dear Lizzy,

At six months old you are SO cute and playful BUT you need to learn that through that at night us human beings like to get sleep! I know you find my funky red chair in our bedroom AMAZINGLY perfect to use as a scratching post. It's not TRUST me. I have a really cool authentic scratching post for you that you NEED to use! I know you like attacking mommy and daddy's feet on top of the covers at three, four, five, and six in the morning, but remember, humans sleep during those hours! Please understand that every time we roll over or move in our sleep does not mean you can wake us up by zipping around the house thinking we are going to play. Please note that toddler toys are NOT kitten toys used for early morning playtime! Legos are to be used for building things not pawed around on our hardwood floor.

Please keep things tidy and in place like the way they were when us humans go to bed! You left the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom COMPLETELY unrolled. How did I know this was you, you may ask? You had shredded it with your claws....that's how!

Lastly, I will feed you every morning at the same time, there is no need to get in my face and purr as loudly as possible and paw at my face to wake me up to feed you. You know that I will NOT get out of bed until toddler human wakes up.

Love you always, even though I dread going to bed at night because of you,

Your Human Mommy!

MilSpouse Friday Fill In #31

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
You know I HAVE to do this! I love to support my fellow MilSpouses! :)
Linking up with Wife of a Sailor again!
  • Aside from no deployments, what is one thing you would want to make the MilSpouse life “perfect”? submitted by Oh How Delightful : That's easy! Daycare at the on base fitness centers! I don't even care if it costs, well may I do a little, but wouldn't that be an amazing concept!
  • Just how many peppers did Peter Piper pick? submitted by Married into Army: UMM, A pack of pickled peppers...hehe I don't remember!
  • If you could have any career in the world with nothing holding you back, what would you do? submitted by It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To I would own my own Inn (hotel) out in wine country and have a little restaurant with it!
  • Do you have a service oriented tattoo and if so what is it. If you don’t what would you get? submitted by The Squid’s Accomplice: I do not have any tatoos and I don't plan on getting any. I love our country and that my hubby is a Marine but I could NOT see myself with anything like that on my body! Now, I think if my hubby got USMC or the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattooed on him that would be another story ;)!
  • Imagine a block of time has opened up in your busy day for you to take a class in anything you like. What subject would you choose?  submitted by To The Nth: Oh this is fun! I would take one of those "non credit" classes and it would be ballroom dancing! I've always wanted to try that!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 5

I love joining in blog hops that are by other military spouses! This blog hop is hosted by Flip Flops and Combat Boots.

She listed FIVE words that we have to use:

I actually had an Outstanding weekend with my new bestie, Marine Girlfriend. We took a roadtrip (as previously posted) from Pennsylvania to Mannassas, VA to one of my favorite cloth diaper retailers, Abby's Lane. I didn't need any new products but Marine Girlfriend bought a brand new stash for her new baby (#4) who is due to arrive in just a few short weeks! 
Took a drive to the closest "real" base (30 minutes away) to get our taxes done by VITA. Now that we have a nice amount of dollar signs headed our way I feel Refreshed knowing that bills will be paid OFF!
Every time my son gives me "loves" (hugs and kisses) I feel so Adored. He is so good to me and he knows how to treat his mommy well! He better be like this when he's a teenager!
My hubby put me in a Cheerful mood as this weekend is his birthday (Sunday) and I am planning a last minute Birthday celebration for him on Saturday! Don't worry my PA friends...your "last minute" invite is coming soon! :) I love planning parties BTW; even if they are two days away!

I HAVE to include this. On my blog I am have a really Cool Jane Wayne Gear Giveaway! Get your entries in! You do NOT have to be a "follow" of mine to enter! Click HERE to enter...Good luck!

In The Kitchen Thursday...Easy Shortcake Recipe

This is an older recipe from, once again, our family cookbook! I made it for the first time a couple weeks ago and I fell in love. Please enjoy this Easy Peasy Recipe and share with all!


Pre-heat oven to 350F

2 Cups Flour
4 Teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Shortening
3/4 Cup Milk
1 Beaten Egg
1 Teaspoon Vanilla

Directions: Mix all together (I used a wooden spoon) and put in a greased loaf pan, 9 x 13 inch. Bake at 350F for 25 to 30 minutes.

All done! Enjoy with your favorite fruit and ice cream or whipped topping! xoxo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mother of a Sale Lucky Fan Giveaway

Hello my lovelies!
Mother of a Sale is having an AMAZING chance to win $250 worth of THREE new lines of CLOTH DIAPERS! Yes that is right....$250 worth of cloth diapers! It's called their Mother of a Cloth Diaper Event!
This event runs from February 22nd to February 24th, 2011. GOOD LUCK!

Head on over HERE to their website!
Head on over HERE to their Facebook page!

Right now on is Oh Katy One Size Cloth Diapers for $11.99! The colors are fabulous!

BabyLegs are for boys too!

Most of you know, from reading my blog, that last weekend I took a FUN road trip with a Marine girlfriend of mine and went to Abby's Lane. A GREAT cloth diaper retailer!

I had to share "one" of my buys from this store. This is my first time buying BabyLegs for my little man!

He looks SO cute in them. I think I am now addicted.

I like Babylegs because when we are at home DS usually just runs around in a t-shirt and his diaper so having these to keep his chunky legs warm makes him OH SO Fashionable!

You would never guess he's wearing "leggings". I put them on his arms too for the "long sleeve" look under his t-shirt and it too was ADORABLE!
Even if you are not a military spouse/girlfriend you should still enter my Jane Wayne Gear Ditty Bag Giveaway because they make great gifts and if you win you can show your military pride in honor/ or give it to a deserving military spouse or girlfriend!

Enter HERE!

What I Wore Wednesday #3 (For Me)

You can all be disappointed with me. I only have ONE outfit. SORRY. This outfit is from today (Wednesday)

Linking up with No Model Lady and The Pleated Poppy!  for ALL DRESSED UP!:)
Black Shirt: Macys (INC)
Black Cardigan (Old Navy?)
Jeans: Goodwill (Banana Republic)
Boots: Roxy
Necklace: Tricked ya!! It's part of my INC Shirt :)

Don't forget about my FABULOUS Jane Wayne Gear Giveaway: Click HERE to enter!

Wordless Wednesday: Cat Cries!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hot Mitts - By ME!

I updated my To Do's List Tuesday! I did my grocery shopping, finished the laundry, and I did finalize my sewing; for the day at least!

All that is left is homework :(

Here's my sewing that I did today! My hot mitts! I cannot wait to get more items made for my Etsy shop. As soon as it's open you will ALL be the FIRST to know about it!

You are probably wondering if the fabric (the white part) is dirty. It's NOT! It's just the style (rustic look) of the fabric.

To Do's Tuesday!

Here's what's on my to do list today:
  1. Deep Clean Bathrooms DONE!
  2. Launder bed linens DONE!
  3. De clutter kitchen DONE!
  4. Grocery Shopping DONE!
  5. Sew DONE!
  6. College homework (I started my two other classes today so now I am "officially" a full time college student taking FOUR online classes!)

What's on YOUR agenda today?

Don't forget to enter my FABULOUS Giveaway you'll find HERE!

Monday, February 21, 2011

CLOSED---Jane Wayne Gear Review-Giveaway

WINNER IS.... Dr. Army Wife! Thank you ALL for participating!

I cannot believe it's finally here! I get to review such an amazing product AND give you all a chance to win it! How FABULOUS is this!

First off a little about Jane Wayne Gear. Jayne Wayne Gear was founded in 2001 by military spouse Ms. Roxanne Reed, whom is also the CEO. She is a mother of two and is also a military brat herself! This company is an ever so growing company that really supports the military community. BE PROUD!

I had always been hesitant on toting around a "digi print" ANYTHING. What the heck would I wear with it. My mind changed when I found Jane Wayne Gear. I thought to myself "I can rock this!" "I am proud of my hubby's service, in fact I will make sure I rock this!"

I received this AMAZING Large Ditty Bag that was customized for my hubby's military branch and my choice of camoflage print. With it's adorable girly accents such as the pink striping and the pink US Marines lettering on the name badge it totally found a place in my daily tag along accessories. Did I mention the name badge is VELCRO. How cute!

The Large Ditty became my "Go to" bag this weekend. Especially for my trip to Virginia! I didn't have my son with my so I didn't have a need for my diaper bag! There are a few awesome pockets in the Ditty that I found great for carrying my sunglasses and cell phone. I used the outside, actual uniform sized, pockets to store my keys in!

The great thing about Jane Wayne Gear is you can shop online OR you can find a consultant to buy your products through!

Closing Date: Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway Item: Large Ditty Bag with your choice of 'Military Affiliate Camouflage" and Branch!

HOW TO WIN - Winner picked through (I'm not doing the Google Docs form this time, it wasn't to my liking):

*Visit Jane Wayne Gear's Website and comment under this giveaway post with which Camouflage pattern/color you would choose if you win and for what Branch of the Military. ~ONE ENTRY

*Follow SAHM and Marine Wife publicly through GFC, comment to let me know ~ONE ENTRY
*"Like" SAHM and Marine Wife's Facebook Page, comment to let me know (I do have a "Like" Button on my blog) ~ ONE ENTRY
*"Like" Jane Wayne Gear's Facebook Page, come back and comment to let me know. ~ONE ENTRY

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Military Monday Blog Hop #14

Head on over to Marine Parents, link up, follow the other two hosts, Life With My Littles, and The Forever Neighbor, and join in on the FUN!

HAVE FUN my lovelies! :)

ALL For the Love of Cloth...ROAD TRIP

I previously posted that I was going on a mini ROAD TRIP today! Well, I did and it was FAST and FURIOUS! All for one cause...well mainly two! The main cause was to get my Marine girlfriend, who is expecting her fourth baby, introduced to cloth diapers (professionally), and to buy her 'stash'! The second cause? Was for me to buy a new CD for my little man ( I have a full stash already :) ).

Has anyone heard of Abby's Lane?!! 

Abby's Lane

Well in the Cloth Diapering world Abby's Lane started out (and is still) as an AMAZING online retailer for EVERYTHING cloth diaper and "green" parenting! I ordered my first CD's from Abby's Lane online store and I shared this experience with my Marine girlfriend. Immediately once I found out that Abby's Lane was opening up a Brick and Mortar store in Manassas, Virginia I knew that I WOULD find a way to road trip it to the store. And that is EXACTLY what Marine girlfriend and I did!

We drove from Pennsylvania to Maryland to Virginia today! We arrived at the store front about two and half hours later! Here's my road trip storybook:

 Potomac River!!!!

 (I wasn't driving...yet)

 My not so needed purchases (Babylegs, Thirsties Duo Wrap, NEW Thirsties Fab Fitted, Thirsties Inserts)

 Lunch...YUMMY in Manassas, VA
On the way home back over the Potomac in Maryland!

(Back to PA)

(OHHH how did that get in there...sneak peak for Monday's Giveaway :)   hehe)

So I completely forgot to take a picture on my phone of the store front but I promise you, we were there!

PSS.. or PS? Abby's Lane is having a Giveaway going on right now and you don't even have to purchase anything, BUT double entry if you do! Go check out the website!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

200 I come!

Wow, I am almost there! I can't believe how fast it went. When I first started blogging I thought it would take a while to get to 200. NOT so much! I love every one of you for taking the time out of your LOVELY days to read my posts. You are ever so kind.

My Jane Wayne Gear giveaway couldn't have come at a better time to celebrate me being so close to 200! Who knows maybe I will be at 201 follows by the time Monday comes around!


You my lovelies are all so FABULOUS!

P.S. I cannot wait to tell you about my soon to be AWESOME day today. But that is for when I return. MINI road trip. Yay!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sneak Peak at New Projects

My new found love has been crafting and I really want to be able to share it with everyone. I have decided that I will be selling them on Etsy! I am building up my inventory right now of the items but I HAVE to share with you one of my favorites that I made that will be showcased! 

I have many other "seasonal" designs in mind! Stay tuned!

My Blog

Quick Note:
I just want to make it clear that this is my blog! I get to choose what I want on here and what I choose to say on here. I do not post anything to offend anyone. I choose to have a blog to express my love for my son, my crafts, and fashion, and reviews and giveaways of products I LOVE. If you do not like what I post than please do not bother to follow! It's sad that I have to write this post but it's true!

Thank you!

On MONDAY! Jane Wayne Gear Review/Giveaway

Calling all Military Spouses, families, and civilians too!
I am very excited to announce that I have the opportunity to review an awesome product from an AMAZING company that support Military Families! They have sent me a FABULOUS product that I get to keep. I am going to have fun with it ALL weekend and then share it with everyone on Monday. Stay tuned as the Giveaway will be posted Monday!

MilSpouse Friday Fill In #30

Wife of a Sailor is the special lady to thank for keeping this fun Friday fill in going! This week she chose questions asked by other bloggers!

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

  • What is your favorite MilSpouse blog (not including Wife of a Sailor who we all love, or your own)? submitted by Our Crazy Life(Wifey note: whaaaat? You can’t say my blog? No fun! LOL, just kidding). I have to say I really enjoy reading Marine Parents. April is so crafty and her little girl is very adorable. She offers great giveaways too!

  • What are your favorite perks about your s/o being deployed (we all know there are perks)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife. Hmm, very good question! I think saving money! We usually saved a lot of money when hubby was gone because of the extra pays and not going out as much. I have to add that another perk is the anticipation of seeing my hubby after a LONG deployment. You get butterflies all over like you were first dating!

  • How long did you date your before getting engaged? Married? submitted by Utterly Chaotic. Hubby and I met in high school. We dated pretty much all of high school and then he joined the Marines after he graduated. We dated about three years before we were engaged. We were engaged for about eight months before we got hitched!

  • What do you think your would do if s/he wasn’t in the military? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared. Another great question! My hubby is a hands on person. I can see him doing many things. I really see him coaching sports for high schoolers or maybe middle school. Wow, this is really making me think. This is something we don't discuss often but we should discuss as to what he would do in the civilian world. I'm sure his answer right now would be "anything" that will bring in money to support my family!

  • If you could talk to the Secretary of (fill in your appropriate branch) what is one suggestion you would like to bring to their attention in order to improve the lives of military families?  submitted by My Life as His (Air Force) Wife. I would like to see more awareness of the lives of military families be brought to the communities. I know the bases always offer gatherings to become familiar with our neighbors but what about the civilian communities all around us. I would like to see the communities we live in interact more with military families!
  • Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Udderly Smooth Giveaway Winner is...

    That would be Shannon J. I will be sending you an email shortly! Congratulations on your win. Enjoy the products! Yay!

    CLOSED Udderly Smooth Giveaway Extension to 12pm EST (TODAY)

    Get your entries in. Even if it's just the Mandatory and no extra entries. It's a low entry giveaway so your chances of winning are so high!

    Good luck :)

    What I Wore Wednesday #2 (For Me)

    Okay. Yes, you all know I love dress up! I have THREE outfits this time from three different days!

    I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy and No Model Lady!


    Top Left: Blouse: JCPenny (Worthington), Skirt: JCPenny (Worthington)
    Top Right: Necklace: Gift from my Mom for Christmas 2010
    Bottom Left: Dress: Target (Mossimo), Shirt: Old Navy, Belt: JCPenny, Zipper Leggings: Old Navy, Earrings: Wal-Mart
    Bottom Right: Blouse: Goodwill, Skirt: Forever 21, Necklace: Goodwill

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Valentine's Recap!

    We had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day. 
    It started off with a kiss to the DS!
    It wasn't in our time or budget to go out for dinner and/or find a sitter. Our Valentine's Day evening at home began with me cooking steaks, making mashed potatoes (with REAL potatoes), and some mixed vegetables. Hubby and DS truly enjoyed every bit of it! (I didn't make dessert but that is because I'm still a little sick and was tired already). Hubby came home and brought me a LIVE Pink hydrangea plant that I can eventually plant outside. :) He knows me so well, as I am anxiously waiting to start on my flower beds!
    Then we cuddled up in bed (the three of us) and watched the first Madagascar! What a cute movie. Our little one has never seen it before and he got a few chuckles out of it!

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    CLOSED Low Entries on Udderly Smooth Giveaway

    Low entries mean easier chance of winning! Come on blog lovers you know you want to enter but just think you wont win ;) (Wink wink). Anyways, it's a great product and getting a great product equals "FABULOUS"!
    Click below!