Monday, August 22, 2011

Civilian Friends and Military Friends

Now that I have been a working mom I have had the opportunity to broaden our range of friends. I work with a few amazing people that are so genuine and are NOT living, no never have lived, the military lifestyle.

I have many things in common with my civilian friends except for the fact of the military life.

Have any of you ever tried to have a get together or party and invited both civilians and non civilians? How did it go?

I can tell you that at our DS's birthday party; my civilian friends and their families felt out of place. They never admitted it, but you could tell. The Marines felt out of place as well. Us women, civi or not, can spark a conversation with anyone, but the men had a harder time! The Marines felt lost and out of the loop and the civilians seemed like they felt intimidated. I never ask them, nor did I want to.

Has anyone else have this issue? Did I make sense?

I told my hubby, "I think I want to have a BBQ with my civilian friends only!" It was just an awkward mess at DS's birthday.  I felt like I had to spend my time in different parts of the house because that's exactly how it was! Military families in the kitchen and front patio; civilian families in the living room!

Maybe my guests don't talk to strangers! Haha. I'm not sure!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Changes are always for the better. When I was writing as SAHM and Marine Wife I was having fun, but also I couldn't keep up with the demand of giveaways and trying to reach numbers. It was too much time spending away from my family. I would find myself up all hours of the night to get the "perfect" post. I'm sorry for not being the best at giveaways, the best blogger, or even the best "blog" friend.

I no longer am a SAHM as you may now have recognized. In fact, I tried, I really did, to want to be a SAHM. My family knew me better than I knew myself. I like working. Yes, I'm a work-a-holic. Did I want to admit that now that I am a mom? NO! I didn't. I didn't want to face people telling me that I would miss many things in your child's life by being a way from them. Oh and DAYCARE. The world will end by putting your child in daycare? I turned out okay and I went to daycare starting at just a few weeks old. I think it may have even been beneficial to my social life. I've met wonderful people through day care.

I am a corporate girl. Hospitality and hotels are my passion. People are my passion. My son and family are my passion. I can balance all of this. I can multi-task. I just have had to learn to rekindle my "SAHM" relationship with my son in another way. It means more mommy and me time in the evenings and the weekends. It means, only MOMMY puts DS to bed!

Back to the daycare concern. I love our daycare. Which our son loves as well. It's a military daycare. So, yeah we can't cloth diaper there but I do still try to save the environment by using a biodegradable diaper. His daycare more or less has a curriculum concept than "baby-sitting". Our son is speaking more and more clearly everyday. I am a huge advocate of daycare/learning centers for little ones. Even if  you don't work a child should be in a group environment for their social skills at least a couple days a week. Our son is an only child right now so his social development from his peers is beneficial to his growth.

With that being said you will see me "around" the blog sphere more often. I probably wont be posting every day or even every other day. I will post when I have time. Working outside of home, owning my own business, and being a wife, and mom, may have me bogged down but I will be around.

I will not be focusing on giveaways. Like I said, I had fun while doing it, but I don't have time for it. If it comes across me without intentionally looking for one, I will do it. But seeking out businesses and vendors took a lot of work!

Enjoy my family friendly posts!

Cio for now!