Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sicky baby

My poor baby boy is sick. I'm pretty sure he has a respiratory infection. We will be taking a trip to the doctors tomorrow. Got to love base medical! Actually, ours isn't that bad here. The office crew are really helpful and the nurses are so sweet.

They will take good care of the Bman I just know it! Hopefully he feels better soon that way I can get back to work.

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allenaim photography and design said...

OH NO! Hope he feels better soon!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Thanks Amy... doc said he should be okay! I'm a SAHM again today!! I miss it!

Lady Rynn said...

Sorry to hear your little guy is sick. I hate it when both of mine are sick at the same time and I don't feel I can split myself between the two properly to comfort and care for them. Now I have three I'm kind of screwed. At least you have on post care, the base we live on sucks and I have to drive two hours to a decent hospital since all we have here is a clinic that does sick call for the soldiers and physicals.