Monday, August 22, 2011

Civilian Friends and Military Friends

Now that I have been a working mom I have had the opportunity to broaden our range of friends. I work with a few amazing people that are so genuine and are NOT living, no never have lived, the military lifestyle.

I have many things in common with my civilian friends except for the fact of the military life.

Have any of you ever tried to have a get together or party and invited both civilians and non civilians? How did it go?

I can tell you that at our DS's birthday party; my civilian friends and their families felt out of place. They never admitted it, but you could tell. The Marines felt out of place as well. Us women, civi or not, can spark a conversation with anyone, but the men had a harder time! The Marines felt lost and out of the loop and the civilians seemed like they felt intimidated. I never ask them, nor did I want to.

Has anyone else have this issue? Did I make sense?

I told my hubby, "I think I want to have a BBQ with my civilian friends only!" It was just an awkward mess at DS's birthday.  I felt like I had to spend my time in different parts of the house because that's exactly how it was! Military families in the kitchen and front patio; civilian families in the living room!

Maybe my guests don't talk to strangers! Haha. I'm not sure!


Jamie@HandlingWithGrace said...

I have never noticed any awkwardness with our friends. Maybe people needed a bit more alcohol :)

No Model Lady said...

There is always a bit of awkwardness when you mix civilian/military folks. It's harder to initiate conversation with a banker when all you do all day is PT and practice war-fighting techniques. I think many times it's up to the military member to guide things in a direction that everyone can relate to and everyone feel comfortable with. Especially when half your family are liberal civilians against the war!! ;)