Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Beautiful Weekend

I don't know about you all but we had AMAZING weather here in Central PA pretty much ALL weekend.

I am also sad to say that I got lost trying to locate "The Great Cloth Diaper Change" as I drove around FOREVER in a "foreign" town only to get more lost and had to call my hubby to mapquest where I was! I was SO bummed that we missed it. As soon as we got home we changed his cloth diaper in "spirit"! Sorry Candy and "Real Mom Reviews"! I really wanted to meet the two of you. Okay, okay. Next time. How about a mom's meet up ladies! Next time I will also get your phone numbers. Oh boy. I was so frustrated and upset about it when I got home. Hubby knew and backed off from me for a while.

Easter turned out to be such a great day. Bman and I went outside to play in the morning and it was already in the 60's. Then once lunch time hit it was in the low 70s. We had TOO much food and dessert but it was ever so yummy. We also did an Easter Eggs hunt. I hope everyone had a great weekend like we did!
The look on his face was priceless!


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Shauna said...

Hope you have an amazing day! :) Shauna from