Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scentsy for my senses!!

Okay. I know cheesy title. All day I've been feeling cheesy!

I am a NEW Scentsy Consultant. Wohoo. I love their products so far. I have a full size warmer in my living room and it's amazing. It Scensifies the living room, dining room, and kitchen! Now...I just need to buy some plug-ins for the bathrooms and office!

Does anyone want to host a Scentsy party online? It's really easy to do. Here's how the hostess plan works:
Unsure what Scentsy is? It's all about being "Wickless"! Electric candles that smell! Haha. Yummy. They are very safe for children and MEN in the house.
Even ones that show support to our troops! OH! They have a Coast Guard one too!!

Interested?! Here's my website:

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Lauren said...

I'm a Scentsy Consultant as well. Welcome to the club :-)