Sunday, March 6, 2011

2nd Birthday Celebration

I wanted my lovely followers to all be the first to know what is coming up on my reviews and giveaways for the 2nd Birthday Celebration!

HINTS are: Leggings (baby), Clutch (Spring exciting!), Cloth diaper, accessories (for momma), wipe solution...yes and the brands are AMAZING!

Normally I will be just doing ONE giveaway a week but I may just have to slip an extra one item as I am having SO much fun.

Good luck everyone. Remember the current BG 4.0 Artist Series is going on right now and closes on 3/09 and then the new giveaway will start that same day!

Thank you!

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Lizann said...

Hi, I found you through the military Monday blogging event, and just wanted to say hi! I am a new military blogger, trying to gather resources and shared experiences from other Marine wives. My blog is called The Homefront: I hope you will stop by! Thanks!