Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Green at Home

Did you all get the newest Parenting Magazine? I did and there is some AMAZING ideas in there right now. What is catching my eyes are that more and more of the articles are about "Going Green" and being "Eco Chic". I think this is wonderful.
What do you do to go green and to be eco chic? I know I have so many areas of opportunities for this. My biggest "eco chic" is of course cloth diapering.
My husband and I couldn't be happier with the decision we made to go green by cloth diapering our son. Yes, he was already in his young toddler months when we started, 16 months old, but I always think, it's better late than never. Especially when it comes to saving the planet and our wallet. While at home we also try to use mostly cloth wipes although I find myself doing it more than my husband. Well, let me restate this. I am the ONLY one in the house that uses cloth wipes for my son's rear end!
We have been big fans of green friendly cleaning but could be bigger fans. Right now we use a natural "all purpose" cleanser BUT we still are using other products such as AJAX and Clorox (not natural) for cleaning those tough areas.
Does anyone have a good recommendation on an Eco Friendly tough area's cleaner?
ALSO, who hears uses washable napkins instead of paper towels? I would love to try reusable "paper towels". Does anyone have suggestions on where to look for these?

What does you and your family do to stay Eco Chic and Green?


shopannies said...

skoy is a real good reusable paper towel I will be posting a review on my blog for them in the near future I am your newest follower find me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Candy said...

I have about 3 dozen prefolds I use for paper towels. I'll get around to embellishing them someday. I also just started using mama cloth and am loving it!

No Model Lady said...

Okay, easy peasy. 1-1 parts vinegar and water for all metal, glass and bathroom fixtures. It's cheap and it works!! I put it in a spray bottle (water and vinegar) and use it on almost everything but wood!! Love it!

Kimberlee said...

I have a hard time going green. It is just easier to do what I always have done. Kuddos to you for working on it.

Merrillee said...

I found this tutorial a few months ago and have it on my 'todo' list... http://sewastraightline.blogspot.com/2010/04/rolled-kitchen-towels-tutorial-and.html
Vinegar is a great clean all also great for controlling moss and weeds without putting chemicals in an area your wee one might play. I put a few drops of vanilla in a vinegar mix to use as a fabric freshener. The vinegar smell goes away after a few minutes and leaves behind a great vanilla scent. Baking soda works great as a scrub for tubs, sinks and counters. Sorry so long, you are my first blog comment! Hope you kids are doing well.

Lizann said...

great ideas! We go through SO MANY paper towels, I have been considering alternatives. But I like using a clean cloth to wipe faces and hands at each meal, so with 2 kids, 3 meals, and several snack times each day, I would need to buy a lot of washcloths! I am interested to see if there are other ideas...