Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toddler Tantrums

HELP! I know my son is almost two (next month yikes!) but I guess when it comes to the "terrible twos" I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Every time we go to the grocery store he trows a fit. As soon as I put him in the shopping cart, he throws a fit. When was past a certain food that he wants (strawberries) he throws a HUGE fit. He's always unhappy the whole time we are there.

So I thought to myself what about bringing snacks with me that he can munch on, like his beloved strawberries? NOPE he still throws fits. I get very stern with him as soon as he sits in the cart and I let him know that he needs to be a good boy but it doesn't seem to help.

He has done this now for the past four trips. Last night I was so close to having an anxiety attack. He was stressing me out, I couldn't finish my shopping, we got in the car, drove to McDonald's and I bought myself a Carmel Frappe and got my DS some juice! When I got home I was cooled off enough to tell my husband that I am NOT going grocery shopping with DS anytime in the future and that grocery shopping will be done only on the weekends for now!

Okay mommas...I need some advice. How do you handle these tantrams? Do your little ones throw fits at the store? What do you do when they do?

Thank you!


Kristina said...

Mine does this sometimes. I tend to just ignore it. Sure I get weird looks from the judge-y people there, but often I get sympathetic smiles from other mothers. Sometimes what works for us is bribery, but he only gets the cookie/chocolate/whatever if he's a good boy. Hth!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop! I can't wait to read more of your posts.


allenaim photography and design said...

Hi sweetheart...

I've BEEN there...and will be there again before long I'm sure!

The first thing I have learned (am still working on) is realizing that I am not pleasing everyone else in the grocery store. I know we need groceries sometimes and sometimes my kids have to come and sometimes they will throw fits. Get tunnel vision. Go directly to what you need, get it and get out. try not to pay attention to the looks everyone is giving you.

If he is screaming in the cart, try letting him walk. My kids completely change when they are given the fredom and privilege of walking behind or next to the cart.

finally...go grocery shopping on date night or by yourself...he will grow out of it!!! Just keep being stern and strong!!

we are all in the trenches with you!!! :)

allenaim photography and design said...

also...sometimes if they have a store they like better than another, I'll let them "pick" if I don't care which one I need...or letting them pick which section to go to first as long as they are "good"...sometimes helps :)

Carissa said...

My little one used to do the same thing. When I get her involved throughout the grocery trip it really helps. I have her pick weather she wants apples or oranges and then she holds what she picks. Or we smell some of the shampoos, candles, etc. She loves that. We talk about the different fruits and veggies (which also helps her try more at dinnertime). It helps when I just talk about what we are doing or what I will make with what we buy. Lately, we make it the whole time (or almost) without a bad fit.

Misty Marie said...

Mine is 15 months old and already starting! He just wants to be independent and walk everywhere on his own but if he does then he gets into everything! Im interested to know that others advise bc I need the same advice!!! They werent kidding when they called it terrible and mines not even 2 yet!

•°•Brandy•°• said...

My DS just made 2 and he has his tantrums everywhere we go... There's really no advice to give because every child responds differently, you know? I normally just ignore it and walk around with a fussy toddler. Sure, I get looks and at first it was embarrassing but I'm almost sure that most of the parents in the store have been at this point with their children. I've tried to comfort him but I soon found out that didn't work. Usually when I just ignore him he stops quicker. Good luck!