Monday, March 7, 2011

My Little Sicky

Hubby and I have been so tired these past few days because of our little sicky. As you may have seen from a previous post our 23 month old came down with croup and sent us the the ER because we had never been through this.

We have had restless nights as our little boy keeps waking himself up by coughing so hard, poor guy. I feel so bad for him. We even have extra blankets under him for elevation, Vicks rubbed ALL over, and his humidifier, and we even cracked the window like the doctor said to get cool air in.

He hasn't ran a fever in a day an a half now which is great. He would wake up drenched it sweat and so tired and uncomfortable.

His naps these past few days have been less than one hour, which is not normal for him BUT finally today he slept for TWO and a half hours! I think we are on the upward path to recovery finally.

I took him outside today to play. I got him running around and jumping and the poor little guy kept coughing so hard from my "workouts"! I didn't think we were playing that hard but once we got inside he couldn't stop coughing and he was puking up his snack. YUCK! Sorry about that information.

The only reason we came inside is because someone's dog got loose (AGAIN) and raced up to the little guy and I barking and showing his teeth. I was scared so I swept Bman up in my arms and we ran inside. I called base security AGAIN, this is the third time! Come on people, you need to figure out how to keep your animal where it belongs! I understand once or twice but three times (that I've noticed) and this time he charges at us in our own yard! Not cool!


♥ Dani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower of yours as well! So sorry to hear about your little one... hope he's feeling better as quickly as possible!

Hockey Wife said...

Stopping by via Share Your Blog Sunday! Sorry to hear you guys haven't been feeling well. We (me and my 27 month old) were sick all last week while my husband was gone. Not so fun!

Kathleen said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better. We had a rough weekend with our little guy, with the fever and the coughing. He seems to be getting better but now I'm getting sick!

Thanks for the message and the follow. I'm following on GFC.