Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Thursday

So far we have had quite a day!
Our morning started out by going to the mall with Marine Girlfriend and her family. I had fun DS didn't. But what boy likes going to the mall in the first place!
I went into Old Navy found a couple shirts for $5 and under went to the register and remembered it was Military Discount week! Yay. I totally forgot that the 1st four days of every month Old Navy gives military members and their dependents 10% off. So my two shirts totalled $7.80. How wonderful is that?

Guess what was next? Pretzel sticks from Auntie Anne's! YUMMY. I get the cheese you?

After the mall we found a Chinese restaurant to eat lunch at and that's when my fun dissipated. My toddler didn't want anything to do with sitting down and I wasn't about to let him run around the whole restaurant. Thank GOODNESS that there was a toy car in my friend's van or else I would have ripped all my hair out.  Baby cakes must have had way too many Ants in His Pants!

I also don't think my baby is feeling very well as he has a horsey cough and is breathing heavily. He's taking a nap right now so hopefully some rest will make him feel better and he wont be as cranky.

THEN! The fun part. Once DS wakes up from his nap we are off the Marine Girlfriend's house for some sewing lessons by none other than her Mama! I am SUPER excited as you may all know, because I've started my venture in sewing recently. She has all the tools a sewer needs and she has secrets too! I can't WAIT to find out those secrets! My sewing lessons will probably be a couple times a week.

OH! I am selling Mary Kay now. I will not be bombarding my blog with MK posts but I will have a page link on my blog which will keep up to date information in there and how to order from me! Military families automatically will receive 10% off their orders. I will accept and be placing orders the last week of every month!
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