Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Saturday

Our Saturday was TRULY super. It was very very VERY busy too!

First we went to the Circus. It wasn't your typical Circus with exotic animals but more of acrobatic acts, clowns, and specialized performers. We stayed for the first hour and a half and left once intermission was over with. Though intermission was actually great because DS got to ride on the ponies! I was very afraid I would loose the $7.00 that I spent on a ticket for him for the pony rides because we haven't been able to get him on a horse in the past. He blew my mind today! He was upset to get off the horse!

We rested for about two hours and then we were on our way to the Monster Truck Show! What an event this was. I received VIP tickets from my work and I was really excited about that. I realized though that even though we got great seating we got all the DIRT! Let me just say that WE came home much more tan! This Monster Truck show was a first timer for the three of us and I am so happy I took my Dad's advice to get ear plugs because it was LOUD. You know deep loud music where you feel it in your chest. This was like that by 10 times! So much fun!

Have fun going through my photo storybook!


Aleyta said...

Wow a circus and monster trucks in one day? Sounds fun!!! I love being busy :) your son is adorable!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Aleyta: It was an adventurous day! We were so exhausted when we go home! Thank you!