Thursday, March 10, 2011

In the Kitchen Thursday! Mail Call

Yes! I have never tried Pampered Chef before and I thought I would order from one of my friends for the first time! I was so excited to see that I had gotten my stuff. It came much faster than I anticipated which is a good thing because I have a baby shower cake to make AND decorate for this Saturday! Of course pictures to come later from that project! :)

Candice over at My-Inspired-Nest is my consultant and friend! She is having an online Pampered Chef Party right now which ends on 3/19 so get your orders in! Here is her personal Pampered Chef WEBSITE!


Nora C said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pampered Chef!! I almost became a consultant for them, but decided to go with PartyLite instead (my love for candles was greater LOL). My friend is having a party at the end of the month, I can't wait to go to it! I hope you love their products as much as I do!

my-inspired-nest said...

You will love it Kara and soon become addicted like me lol! Let me know if you have any questions :)