Sunday, February 20, 2011

ALL For the Love of Cloth...ROAD TRIP

I previously posted that I was going on a mini ROAD TRIP today! Well, I did and it was FAST and FURIOUS! All for one cause...well mainly two! The main cause was to get my Marine girlfriend, who is expecting her fourth baby, introduced to cloth diapers (professionally), and to buy her 'stash'! The second cause? Was for me to buy a new CD for my little man ( I have a full stash already :) ).

Has anyone heard of Abby's Lane?!! 

Abby's Lane

Well in the Cloth Diapering world Abby's Lane started out (and is still) as an AMAZING online retailer for EVERYTHING cloth diaper and "green" parenting! I ordered my first CD's from Abby's Lane online store and I shared this experience with my Marine girlfriend. Immediately once I found out that Abby's Lane was opening up a Brick and Mortar store in Manassas, Virginia I knew that I WOULD find a way to road trip it to the store. And that is EXACTLY what Marine girlfriend and I did!

We drove from Pennsylvania to Maryland to Virginia today! We arrived at the store front about two and half hours later! Here's my road trip storybook:

 Potomac River!!!!

 (I wasn't driving...yet)

 My not so needed purchases (Babylegs, Thirsties Duo Wrap, NEW Thirsties Fab Fitted, Thirsties Inserts)

 Lunch...YUMMY in Manassas, VA
On the way home back over the Potomac in Maryland!

(Back to PA)

(OHHH how did that get in there...sneak peak for Monday's Giveaway :)   hehe)

So I completely forgot to take a picture on my phone of the store front but I promise you, we were there!

PSS.. or PS? Abby's Lane is having a Giveaway going on right now and you don't even have to purchase anything, BUT double entry if you do! Go check out the website!


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I've been wanting to go to Maryland and visit a few friends. Thanks for these pics. I'm your 202nd follower now and thank you for visiting and following :)

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Hey, I'm your new follower from Meet and Follow Sundays.

That little sneak peak...Yeah. It totally matches the purse my husband got me. :]


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Following from I love cloth diapers. I cloth diapered my daughter and now I'm on to my son. I always feel a special connection to those who cloth diaper too ;)

my-inspired-nest said...

I'm so jealous! Arent you glad I got you hooked on Abbyslane? hehe!