Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Friday :)

Here's my picks for today's Fashion Friday! Ever since I received this Ditty Bag from Jane Wayne Gear I literally use it everyday. I feel bad for my PPB's (Petunia Pickle Bottom) as I have to 'remember' to take them when I go out. The Large Ditty bag is so roomy it fits my cloth diapers and wipes, my wallet, hand cream, and all that other unnecessary junk we women tag around! Is there such a thing as a junk clutch? Hmm...that may actually sell! Who all has junk drawers in their kitchen? I know we do! A junk clutch that fits perfectly in our handbags would be AMAZING!
Other items that Jane Wayne Gear sells:
I HAVE to get one of those clutches! It would match FABULOUSLY with my Ditty Bag! This may work as a "junk" clutch....for my lipsticks, or contacts case, or...or...or...yeah Junk Clutch would be the perfect fit for me ;)
This is crazy cute too. Ruffles I see are becoming the "it" thing. I want to be cool too like all my other miliies!
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Froggylady said...

I'm usually not into the adult cammie accessories (it just seems cheesy to me, but my daughter has skirts, her friends have dresses, purses, etc that I've made) but I'm really digging that ruffled treasure!

Thanks for stopping by The Lily Pad!
Froggy Lady

Mary Nicole said...

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with that purse! Must. get. one! lol

Sarah said...

That bag is gorgeous! I love it!

I am a new follower, I hope you have time to stop by

Renee Ann said...

Love these! Do you have to be military to enjoy them? . . . I'm visiting from the McMommy Diaries blog hop.

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Renee: Not at all! You can enjoy one to show military pride and that you support our troops! :)

These are SOOO cute and they have such a fun selection to choose from online!