Monday, February 7, 2011

A Long Night

First of all, we are not used to the Superbowl being on so late in the evening. I appreciated living on the West Coast during Superbowl. We let DS stay up late (until about 9:00pm) he did okay, but it just threw me all off schedule. I had to leave our friends (neighbors) 30 minutes early to go take my Accounting quiz, which I passed, YAY! Took DS with me and laid him down.

Hubby got home from our friends around 10:00pm (I think, it could have been earlier). Poor DS either had a bad dream or had a nasty fever because he woke up crying and completely soaked in sweat around the time Daddy got home. Daddy went to comfort him and then took DS into our bed. NOTE: We never have DS sleep with us nowadays in our bed because, well he never sleeps. DS just thinks it's a big party and jumps around, lays on us, talks, etc... Anyways, to my surprise when I went to bed both off them were PASSED out. I then took DS back into his room to sleep. I laid him down and shut the door. I crawled back into my bed and fell asleep. Next thing I know I hear DS crying again, just about 30 minutes later. I had locked our cat in his room and she woke him up! AHH. I comforted DS and he was just so upset. I thought, well maybe I will bring him in our bed and he will fall asleep like he did with hubby. NOPE! It's midnight and he's chit chatting to himself, singing, and then starts jumping around. OMG. I put him in his room, all the while DS is so upset at me. He FINALLY falls asleep seconds after I lay him down and did not hear a peep from him until the morning! 

Good thing for coffee!

Oh What a NIGHT!


Poekitten said...

I LOVE living on the West Coast for the Super Bowl! It's nice not to be up super late watching it:)

Holly said...

Hope tonight is a better night! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you back!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

It was a better night last night! Though DS decided to get up an hour early this morning.