Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Recap!

We had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day. 
It started off with a kiss to the DS!
It wasn't in our time or budget to go out for dinner and/or find a sitter. Our Valentine's Day evening at home began with me cooking steaks, making mashed potatoes (with REAL potatoes), and some mixed vegetables. Hubby and DS truly enjoyed every bit of it! (I didn't make dessert but that is because I'm still a little sick and was tired already). Hubby came home and brought me a LIVE Pink hydrangea plant that I can eventually plant outside. :) He knows me so well, as I am anxiously waiting to start on my flower beds!
Then we cuddled up in bed (the three of us) and watched the first Madagascar! What a cute movie. Our little one has never seen it before and he got a few chuckles out of it!


No Model Lady said...

Sounds like the perfect evening!! That's how our Sunday night was:)

allenaim photography and design said...

sounds like parallel lives...hubby had my medium boy pick out a live plant...he picked out the same Gerbera daisy as last year...same color even! They know us so well :)

Shelly said...

I'm glad you had a nice valentine's day. I think the plant that can be planted outside is a great idea, and better than flowers that die in one week!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful evening you had with your hubby and little one...What a nice valentine Day!

Frugal Invitation said...

Thanks for linking up to the Welcome Wednesday blog hop last week! I am now following you back!

Have a great week!

Frugal Invitation