Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BabyLegs are for boys too!

Most of you know, from reading my blog, that last weekend I took a FUN road trip with a Marine girlfriend of mine and went to Abby's Lane. A GREAT cloth diaper retailer!

I had to share "one" of my buys from this store. This is my first time buying BabyLegs for my little man!

He looks SO cute in them. I think I am now addicted.

I like Babylegs because when we are at home DS usually just runs around in a t-shirt and his diaper so having these to keep his chunky legs warm makes him OH SO Fashionable!

You would never guess he's wearing "leggings". I put them on his arms too for the "long sleeve" look under his t-shirt and it too was ADORABLE!
Even if you are not a military spouse/girlfriend you should still enter my Jane Wayne Gear Ditty Bag Giveaway because they make great gifts and if you win you can show your military pride in honor/ or give it to a deserving military spouse or girlfriend!

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Kim said...

Hi! I'm following you from the Blog Hop.

I'm a SAHM and Marine wife too :)