Monday, February 28, 2011

Fluffy Mail EQUALS Giveaway on 3/02

Head's up Mommas! I received fluffy mail today!!! THIS MEANS REVIEW/GIVEAWAY! I am SUPER excited. This "fluffy" item is FABULOUS and so is the sponsor! It will be posted on Wednesday morning!

Stay tuned :)


Dawn said...

I know you just started doing giveaways. Did you contact and solicit the companies or did they come to you? I've contacted one company so far and haven't heard "no" yet so I think it's a good start. Just wondering how to go about it. I look forward to hearing from you!

shopannies said...

Iwill have to be sure to come back I am your newest follower you can find me on my blog annies home located at

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Dawn: Yes, I do solicit (in a nice way)! I either email them or most recently I have put a notice on my Facebook page requesting a sponsor and I have one so far! Good luck!

greenTXmom said...

Don't you love when the mail comes??? I've received a few of those this past week and love it. :)
I'm a new follower from the Blog it Fwd hop

A Mom's Take said...

Love fluff!!! Thanks for participating in the Good Friends Just Click Blog Hop! New follower! I have lots of giveaways ending Thursday, hope you'll stop by!


Nicole B said...

I love fluffy mail!
Following from the GF Just Click Tuesday hop!

Would love a visit back at Mom Always Finds Out.
Have a great day! Thanks!