Friday, February 25, 2011

Letter to My Kitten

Dear Lizzy,

At six months old you are SO cute and playful BUT you need to learn that through that at night us human beings like to get sleep! I know you find my funky red chair in our bedroom AMAZINGLY perfect to use as a scratching post. It's not TRUST me. I have a really cool authentic scratching post for you that you NEED to use! I know you like attacking mommy and daddy's feet on top of the covers at three, four, five, and six in the morning, but remember, humans sleep during those hours! Please understand that every time we roll over or move in our sleep does not mean you can wake us up by zipping around the house thinking we are going to play. Please note that toddler toys are NOT kitten toys used for early morning playtime! Legos are to be used for building things not pawed around on our hardwood floor.

Please keep things tidy and in place like the way they were when us humans go to bed! You left the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom COMPLETELY unrolled. How did I know this was you, you may ask? You had shredded it with your claws....that's how!

Lastly, I will feed you every morning at the same time, there is no need to get in my face and purr as loudly as possible and paw at my face to wake me up to feed you. You know that I will NOT get out of bed until toddler human wakes up.

Love you always, even though I dread going to bed at night because of you,

Your Human Mommy!

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AngieDMac said...

This is sooo cute! I love the "You left the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom COMPLETELY unrolled" part.