Monday, February 7, 2011

gDiapers on Babysteals!

Once again Babysteals found a way to win me over! My weakness for cloth diapers is on SALE! Well, I haven't bought any, but that's just because I really shouldn't buy anymore. That doesn't mean you can't :)

They have a LARGE size 6 Pack of Vanilla diapers left. They would still need inserts but they are for an AMAZING price of $49.98.

Hurry on over before they completely sell out!


Copyboy said...

Wow! Really like your deals and your blog. If you're cool, I'd love for you to promote the small businesses and artists on my site –



*Amanda said...

we love love love our g's! Too bad the larges are pretty snug on the lil guy. Hes only 14mns so if they release an XL in the Spring, I will be a very happy gMama!