Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentines Day History

I guess I do have something to post about!
First off, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, my awesome followers! I'm trying to think of my past V-Day's and what we did:

2010: The little one and I celebrated at home. Hubby was in Japan but I did receive a beautiful bouquet from him!
2009: PREGO!!! I'm guessing we probably went to the Melting Pot (my favorite eat out when prego)

The San Clemente one of course!

2008: We probably didn't do much as we were saving money for our FLORIDA trip in May which was AMAZING.
2007: Hubby left for Iraq in April so everything we did we went big. We saved money and
 drove up from San Diego to San Francisco for the weekend!

2006: This year hubby went on a MEU or "float" basically a deployment on a ship with the Navy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I believe we went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse in San Diego! Yummy!

2005: He was on the East Coast and I was back home and we were not married until May of this year!

There you have it! Our Valentines Day history!


Anonymous said...

New follower from the cloth blog hop :) happy valentine's day!

allenaim photography and design said...

YOu guys are so super cute :)