Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girls night and then some....

So I have a girls’ night coming up Friday evening and I am super excited! I’m going to be hanging out with another MilSpouse and her friend. We have a dinner date and movie. Best of all her hubby is going to be our driver everywhere. Even picking me up from home. Trust me, I might need that! I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking, what can I say! No seriously, just one glass of wine gets to me! I attribute that to not being a drinker or “party girl” in the past. While all my friends were drinking and having a good time in college I was at home planning my wedding or working. I wasn’t into that scene and I still am not, especially now with a little one. I never drank alcohol under the age of 21 and when it came to my 21st birthday I had like two or three drinks. It’s just not my thing.
21st Birthday (that drink to the right...yeah it was never finished!) Oh yes, I was blonde during that time!

In the first year of college I really had a hard time with that. I was trying to figure out whom I was and whom my friends were rather than WHOM I wanted to be friends with. My roomies were always having a good time going to parties and what not and being social, but those weren’t my values. They had an amazing social life where I didn’t. But that is just who I am and what it has brought me to now. I wouldn’t change it any other way and I wouldn’t want to change them. Everyone has their own way of growing up and this was mine. I became mature earlier in life than most of my peers. I thank the Marine Corps lifestyle for that. Getting married at 19 and moving to another state with the hubby (California) and having bills and responsibilities made me become an adult while I was still in my “teen” years.

So now that I got a little off subject, though it came to me while writing and I then wrote it, back to Friday night!

I have no idea what to wear. I know it’ll be cold but I still want to look cute. Hubby will probably ask me, “Who are you trying to pick up?” And I will respond, “myself.” A stay at home mom does not always wear makeup everyday and doesn’t do her hair or dress up, at that. Again, this is like 70% of my excitement for going out; I get to play dress up! It’s too cold to wear a dress, BUT, I could add leggings to it, but if I wanted to wear my heals I will need to add tights under that.

Anyone have cute winter “night out” fashion recommendations?

I really like that far right look (grey dress) I'm pretty sure I can pull it off!

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