Monday, January 10, 2011


So here we are in 2011!! Our New Years even was intimate with just our family and our friends, another Marine Corps family. We just watched movies and visited. The kids enjoyed running around the house and playing.
We got a membership at our local YMCA. I haven't worked out yet but we have used the swimming pool plenty of times as Brody is the little swimmer in the family! I do have my first personal training appointment schedule for next tomorrow! I'm a little nervous but also anxious to get in shape. Us military wives need to keep up with our husbands you know! Though, because it's not much of a base he doesn't exercise as much as he did at Camp Pendleton or Japan with his units. I am not overweight but I never work out and I know I need to condition my heart and strengthen my muscles so I feel good.
I start college this week also, what a busy week huh! I am taking four online courses. I want to get my Associate of Arts degree in Business Management. The courses I have signed up for are Marketing, Accounting, Business Law, and HR Management. It is a load but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I am liking this whole Stay at Home Mom thing. I am getting better at my daily "duties. Dish washing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc...! I used to not clean often and it would sure show. Balt loves a clean house so I really have to work hard. But although some women may not like what I have to say...I enjoy making myself look good and making a nice dinner for when Balt gets home. It makes him and myself look forward to him coming home from a long day at work.
I have also ventured on a new path starting last year. Cloth diapering. I absolutely love it. Balt got to experience it before I did. Our friends (a former military family) from Oregon introduced it to Balt when he went to visit them when they lived on the East Coast. I gave it a try when Brody was about 16 months and haven't turned back since. Handling the poopy diapers does not bother me or my husband at all. I do the cloth diaper laundry about every three days so it's not like its everyday. I invested in enough diapers to last me that long. We love it. No more piles of dirty disposable (sposies) trash. No more stench of disposable diapers. Brody only gets rashes occasionally. I recommend it out there to EVERY family with children and babies in diapers. It saves money and is WAY better for the environment.

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