Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potty Training...Bjorn style

Well, we are about to start the adventures of potty training our almost 22 month old son! I'm excited to be done with diapering but I will secretively miss my obsession for cloth diapers until we have a second child. I know our DS is ready to learn as he takes his diaper off whenever it is wet or even worse, which makes for a big mess. Nap time and bed time I usually put the diapers on him that have snaps because the hook and loop closures he easily takes off.

We got him a potty chair, one that I have been reading reviews on for a few months. It's simple and supposedly does the trick!
Ours is in Bright Red!

(A couple weeks ago one of my favorite "deal a day" website at this potty chair on sale!) So keep your eye out...we paid regular price at Target)
I try to get our Mr Bman to sit on it a couple times a day. Sometimes he will let me know that he needs to go potty (he thinks) but when we take off his diaper I notice he already went.

I haven't started the learning process full time with him. I just want him to get familiar with the potty. I say in a week or two will be a good time to work a little harder with it.

I am extremely new to potty training so any helpful advice is very appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kara!
My DD is learning to use the potty also. We have realized with her that if she has anything on like a pair of underwear then she will just go in them. Therefore, she runs around the house in her birthday suit ALOT. She does go though in the potty and have had very few accidents! Also, she has a potty with a lid so it can turn into a stool and loves the routine of washing hands by herself with her own soap, I think she goes potty sometimes just so she can play in the water! She is still too small to get her hands really into the water flow so I do prop her up on my knee and help her. Good luck potty training!
p.s. We treat her to a "mini" (m&m) when she goes, or two if she goes poo poo ;)
~Hannah from Amity :)

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Hannah! Great advice. Going bottomless may be a great start! Thank you. We will definitaley try that! Tell "V" that "B" says thank you for the advice and he will have to get his own "Special" soap!!!! Take care - Kara

Dawn said...

I just have to say that you bought a super awesome potty chair! We have 2, 1 for our house and 1 for gramma's (part-time daycare). I had others, but this one is the BEST! It seems especially true for boys. We reward with m&ms too. Good luck!!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Well, thank you Dawn! Looks like I will have to buy some M&M's ladies! I will let you know how DS does!

Hockey Wife said...

Just found your blog through Bloggy Moms. I haven't started potty training my 25 month old but I am close! We have bounced around so much this year that I haven't want to start until we are stable. I've seen this potty around so maybe we'll give it a shot. I was looking at these really neat ladder potty seat contraptions that I discovered in Europe. You can find them here:

Have you seen them? There are other variations, some more fun than others.

Tracy said...

This was the only seat that worked for my son when we were potty-training - I loved it!!
Stopping by from Bloggy Moms to follow as well - please visit me and do the same :) Take care, Tracy @

Jen Crum said...

My big guy loves the independence of wearing underwear. He loves that he can use a stool and climb onto the sink to wash his hands. He has very few "spills" as long as he's wearing underpants, but still a lot of "yucky" in his pants. I think I might try the bottomless idea this week, but fear the potential results!