Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

Our long weekend has almost come to an end. :( Wow, we actually did a lot.

1st off: Friday night I took a girlfriend to her first Rodeo! All I can say is that East Coast Rodeos are not as fun as West Coast (Oregon) Rodeo's. We made it fun though by just having girl talk during the boring parts, which was pretty much the entire show. For those of you who have been to rodeo's the entertainment of the clown is what keeps the crowd motivated for the entire show. The clown on Friday night was not so funny. Oh well. I fulfilled my craving of a Carmel Apple, a must have when you go to the fair or rodeo. But this vendor made a HUGE mistake by not using a Granny Smith Apple. It was a red and mooshy apple, not so appetizing. The only good thing was the fattening hot dog smothered in mustard and a coke! Yummy!

Day Two: Saturday afternoon: After arriving a tad late to a January Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner party; we enjoyed the company of our friends out here. She made a delicious holiday meal. I made Peach Cobbler to top of her yummy dinner. The guys watched football and our little one played with their puppy (Who is full grown)!

Day Three: Sunday. What did we do? Oh yes, Family Pictures! They turned out wonderful and as soon as I get them back I will surely post it as the most recent family picture of us our son was just one month old!
Day Four: The last day of our long weekend: Monday (Today): Field day at home with the hubby and then a fun and relaxing hour at the swimming pool! Our little man's belly was so big when we left (He drank his way out of that pool)!
Ta ta for now!

Now how about some Wii Super Mario??

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