Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lady Bug!

*The Original Wheely Bug by Prince Lionheart, Inc.*

This ride on toy is the cutest thing ever. Our son received this from his Grandpa. It's very durable. I'm embarrassed to say this BUT I find myself wheeling around on it chasing my son down the hallway!
It's adorable curved and cushioned seat offers comfort for the wee ones riding it. The recommended age is 3+ but our son got it on his 1st Birthday. His feet could not touch the floor on it then so we just pushed him around. Now that he is 21 months he enjoys it.

It glides very smoothly on a hard flat surface. The Wheely Bug also comes in other adorable designs! Check them out. As far as I know these are mainly sold at children boutiques. They are pricier than ride on toys you find on at Target or Walmart but are worth the spend!

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