Monday, January 10, 2011

Love of Cloth Diapers

So I wanted to do a post on Cloth Diapers!
I really enjoy cloth diapering. I wished I would have started sooner. As I mentioned in a few posts ago I didn't start CD'ing until Brody was 16 months old. I guess better late than never huh? It's so easy to do. I only have two brands, Thirsties and Grovia.
My Thirsties are the Duo Diaper. They are a pocket diaper. Thirsties Duo Diaper comes in two Sizes. Size 1 and Size 2. Brody is in a size 2 of course. I use both the inserts it comes with because Brody is a wetter. The nice thing about Thirsties and their pocket diapers is that you don't have to take out the inserts before you put it all in the wash. The washing machine actually aggitates it out! They come in so many colors and a couple different patterns which are adorable! They are a little bulkier but that doesn't stop me from liking them. The best part... Thirsties are made in the USA!

The other brand I use is GroVia. I use their AIO (All in One) and AI2(All in two) systems. All in ones are exactly as they sound. It's a cloth diaper with the inserts sewn to it with waterproof system to avoid leakage. The AI2 is a Shell and then you add whatever insert you like. I mainly use GroVia's Soaker Pads, although sometimes on laundry day I use the trifold prefolds and they work very well! Although GroVia's are a family owned company from America they are still made in China. I still love GroVia's!
Now that you can see that these are not your "Old Fashioned" cloth diapers you should give it a try or recommend them to someone with little ones! The next post I will make is how to prepare the diaper before you put it on your sweet pea.

Although I would like to try other brands I have all the diapers we need right now and at the moment can't afford to buy more for the "fun" factor! Which I enjoy diaper changes because I get to use my little fashionista in me that rarely gets to come out staying at home!

Also, a quick note. I try to NEVER pay full price for my brand new cloth diapers! About 99% of my cloth diapers and accessories have been anywhere from 10% to 20% off. At one of my favorite stores back home in Oregon I got a Thirsties for 40% off! I know how to find a deal. When I have time I will post all of my favorite "deals" websites!

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