Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Functional Storage

Okay so this piece of furniture has been the best purchase for my living room, our sanity, and our son yet! I  got rid of our coffee table months ago as it was glass. I wanted a functional ottoman that is stylish yet can store large amount of items, preferably toys.

My mother and I went to my favorite department store Target and found this to fit into my living room perfectly. It's a chocolate leather storage ottoman. Retails for about $80.00 and is Target's own home brand. It's comfortable for sitting on and resting your feet on after a long day chasing around the kiddos! It's very deep so it provides lots of room for toys as you see in the photo. If you're have unexpected company over it's so easy just to toss all the random items laying around your living room floor in there! I love it.

This is a must have if you have toddlers! They also make great storage for decorative pillows and throws!

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